GP Surgery Developments

Sterling's healthcare funding division find funding solutions for your GP Surgery Development projects

You are in a specialist market so use a specialist broker who understands your sector. With access to major banks to specialist niche healthcare lenders, we know the types of deals that are synonymous with this sector.

Our team of healthcare specialists have, over many years, put together finance packages for GP's / Doctors to:-

  • Build new GP Surgeries where one or more practices are coming together in a locality to enable them to provide additional and more cost effective services.
  • Extension of current practices to provide additional space to accommodate growth and anticipated future growth in patient numbers.
  • Upgrade of current surgery premises

Each project will have its own particular challenges and maybe the larger developments more than most. Not least because not all the doctors will have the same requirements, financial or otherwise (some may be nearing retirement others just joining their first practice)

Examples of funding potential are:-

  • Loans up to 100% of the total cost of the new development including all fees and roll up interest
  • Capital repayment holidays of up to 7 years
  • Loan repayments of up to 30 years
  • Up to 50% of the loan could be interest only for the full term of the loan (this could be for full 25 years).
  • Partnership. Property Company or Limited Liability Partnership loans
  • Base rate, 3 month libor linked variable rate loans
  • Mix and match of loan terms and rates. Could be useful if / when notional and other rent increases and better able to fund capital loan repayments.
  • Loan repayments could be linked to any guaranteed RPI increases in rental income.

Our team have extensive experience in dealing with doctors and helping both the partnership team and individual doctors find an acceptable solution for all parties.

We have experience in helping to put business cases together for the PCT’s and have of course put many business lending cases together for the lenders.

We have strong contacts with all the GP specialist lenders and understand their lending criteria. Our team understand what the lenders look for and what is particularly important to them.

All lenders have basic core requirements that must be met. However interpretation of the information is not always the same with each lender and it is important to understand this as it can be the difference between a loan being approved, referred or declined.

Not all lenders are able to offer the same lending package. However, because of our specialist knowledge and understanding of both the GP sector and the Bank’s we are able to identify which lenders are best placed and most likely to be able to fund a particular project.

GP Surgery Development Case Studies

  • Funding arranged for bridging loan to purchase grade 2 listed building without planning permission, subsequent development costs to convert to a multi functional GP surgery / medical centre along with Pharmacy and substantial other rooms. Function not yet decided.(funding of 100% of total cost)
  • Funding arranged to refinance current GP surgery borrowings to facilitate:-
    - Lower interest rate margins
    - Lower monthly repayment costs
    - Extend term of loan by taking out new 25 year loans
    - Allow senior colleagues to take out equity or plan for retirement
    - Allow incoming doctors to join a partnership loan without also having to take out additional personal buy in funding
    - Extension and redevelopment / upgrade of premises
    - All at 100% of total cost
  • Funding in place for new very large multi practice GP medical centre merged development. To include pharmacy and a series of other services that are currently being discussed.(funding of 100% of total cost)